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Administration - Board and Management

The Tuolumne Band of MeWuk Indians is commited to a health care facility that will serve Native American and Non-Native residents of Tuolumne County and surrounding communities. With this commitment they have set the following mission statement as their guide to the future:

The Mission of the Tuolumne MeWuk Indian Health Center, Inc. is to establish a Family Practice Facility that will provide high quality comprehensive health care services for the Tuolumne MeWuk Tribal Members, other Native Americans, Employees of the Tuolumne MeWuk Tribe and Residents of Tuolumne County and the Surrounding Communities.


      Health Board:

          • Chairperson - Darla Merlin
          • Treasurer      - Vern Bailey
          • Secretary      - Missy Lingo
          • Board Members :
                 • Carlos Geisdorff
                 • Rhiannon Hendricks
                 • Janelle Bunch
                 • Chris Bailey
                 • Destiny Archer (Alternate)

      Management Team:

          • Executive Director - Chris Gorsky
          • Deputy Director - Tammy Barker
          • Medical Director - Dr. Hope Ewing
          • Dental Director - Yana Pekarski, D.D.S.
          • Finance Director - Tenisha Dunham
          • Clinical Manager - Tina Terradista
          • Eligibity/CHS Coordinator - Renee Wessell


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