Medi-Cal Re-enrollment

Don’t Lose Your Medi-Cal Coverage

On April 1st, Medi-Cal will resume its redetermination process, with the first disenrollments from coverage occurring in July. The process will span the next 14 months and redetermine eligibility for about 15 million current beneficiaries.

So what can you do?

First-Make sure your information is up to date by visiting Keep your Medi-Cal

Second-Look for your redetermination yellow envelope in the mail

Third-complete your renewal form that is sent, or the easiest way is to renew online by visiting BenifitsCal

If your household income has changed and you will not qualify don’t worry. Individuals who lose Medi-Cal will not experience a gap in coverage if they confirm their selection of a qualified health plan and pay a premium only if required, for Covered California coverage within a month of their disenrollment from Medi-Cal, according to DHCS.

If you need any help either reenrolling for Medi-Cal or with other programs through Covered California, the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Indian Health Center offers our Outreach Program to assist you.

Please call or email Dee Baldwin, Outreach Manager to schedule an appointment.
Phone: 209-770-4127